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Study Pack

Our free Dealing & Operations certificates study guides are available via http://aci.frankfurt-school.de/ Know more
A guide to the ACI Operations Certificate (plus 200 Q&A) Lex van der Wielen Financial Markets Academy OC Pages 206 (English) EUR 70,00 Know more
A guide to the ACI Diploma (plus 150 Q&A) Lex van der Wielen Financial Markets Academy Diploma Pages 378 (English) EUR 75,00 Know more
A Guide To The ACI Dealing Certificate (plus 250 Q&A) Lex van der Wielen Financial Markets Academy DC Pages 302 (English) EUR 70,00 Know more
Treasurer's Handbook Hannes Enthofer, Patrick Haas Finance Trainer DC, Diploma Pages 1369 (bilingual English/German) EUR 148,00 Know more
Financial Markets and the ACI Dealing Certificate 310-12 Philip J L Parker Multimedia TradeWind Ltd DC Pages 490 (English) GBP 55,00 Know more
Treasury Operations Handbook Philip J L Parker Multimedia TradeWind Ltd OC Pages 440 (English) GBP 35,00 Know more
Foreign Exchange and Money Markets Bob Steiner Markets International Ltd DC, Diploma Pages 330 (English) GBP 59,00 Know more
Mastering Financial Calculations Bob Steiner Markets International Ltd DC, OC, Diploma Pages 598 (English) GBP 30,00 Know more
Back Office and Operational Risk Mervyn King Harriman House Publishing OC (English) EUR 61,88 Know more

What's new

Forex market needs a global code of conduct — Mon, 09 Jun 2014

Marshall Bailey ACI President's letter in FT welcomes the co-ordinated consideration
by central banks and global regulatory bodies of the adoption
of an international code of conduct to govern the rules and behaviour
of financial market professionals as individuals.
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53rd ACI WORLD CONGRESS BERLIN — Fri, 11 Apr 2014

ACI The Financial Markets Association Events The 53rd ACI World Congress, hosted by ACI Germany in Berlin from 27th to 29th March 2014, was a great success. More than 1000 participants were attending a unique event with a blend of high level discussion over the future of markets with social events and perfect networking opportunities.
At the ACI Council meeting, ACI Chairman, Eddie Tan, submitted Uganda’s candidacy to councillors. Uganda was unanimously supported and became the 65th ACI National Association.
During the General Assembly Manfred WIEBOGEN, former ACI President and Honorary ACI President, addressed a farewell message to the audience. Eddie Tan thanked him again for the fantastic work achieved over his 6 years term. Attendees applauded and made a long standing ovation.
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ACI The Financial Markets Association Events ACI - The Financial Markets Association announces the appointment of Marshall Bailey as our President Delegated. Marshall will be the first full-time President in the 60 year history of our organisation, and will be responsible for leading the global membership at a crucial time for our industry.
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In response to the on-going regulatory reform within the Financial Markets, ACI – The Financial Markets Association, in collaboration with financial market consultants Adsatis Limited, has published a White Paper on ‘The Potential Impact of New Regulation on End Users in the FX Market’.
The purpose of this White Paper is to examine, through direct consultation with market users, the real impact of the new regulations on the FX market in Europe.
The White Paper highlights concerns around the imposition of:
- The trade level reporting,
- Transacting on approved electronic venues
- Central clearing
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